Artist Stories


“I’m absolutely loving the Atlantis!… and the best part is when it’s time for rehearsal or a gig, I only have to bring two things: a small pedal case for the gr-55, and the Atlantis in its gigbag. I can’t remember the last time I was able to load in my rig with one trip! It takes so much headache out of set up and tear down.”

– Cham Zhao (KOLAJ)


“The HexFX guitar has the best MIDI tracking response I’ve ever tried (I’ve been a MIDI guitarist since 1999). This guitar is improving my playing significantly. In addition, it has a very pure and clean acoustic sound perfect for recording and MultiFx applications and last but not least, the playability and setup is awesome, I really enjoy playing this guitar!”

– Noel Alejandro Silva

12185039_10153657617950688_615028453462516148_o“It uses their patented Lightwave System (no magnetic pickups), providing the cleanest possible signal to build on. It also has hexaphonic capabilities (for the MIDI lover in you). The folks at Willcox Guitars can seriously make a great instrument geared to the most discerning ears.”

– John Souki (Chase Rice)

moody-2-of-4“Seriously, the fretless is NUTS (Saber VL). I put on Brite Flats, and dropped the action down as low as possible, and despite flatwounds being on the bass, it can still get that roundwound growl I love.”

– Johnathan Moody

moody-2-of-4 “”I was looking for a bass for months and after finding the Saber I was concerned that it was to good to be true. But the Willcox team has put in the work with a light weight, solid instrument. The sound is extraordinary, to have access to a complete full range of tone and be able to sculpt it gives me a palette for my unusual music.””

– C. Drew Breder